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relive the moments that matter most.

Videography lets you do that while sharing it with those you care about.

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what we strive for.

Our mission is to evoke emotion by choosing the right elements of music and movement to do so. We strive to create highlight films that showcase each moment in their truest form, that allows the audience to relive their experience for many years to come.

our work.



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Wedding FAQ

There are three main packages to choose from, that include a range from:

  • 6-12 hours of shooting time;
  • 3-8 minute highlight film
  • audio of the speeches. 

All delivered digitally, via a download link.

The packages are not listed on the website as every person’s situation is unique, and we want to get to know you and find out what it is you’re looking for. 

Yes. We generally ask for a 50% deposit to book, however, depending on the person’s circumstances, we can discuss a payment plan to help make it more affordable!

We’ve come to find that most people who receive a traditional video only watch it maybe once or twice.

For that reason, we focus on creating short highlight films that are emotional and engaging, that highlight the best parts of the day, for you to watch over and over again.

Because of that, we do not offer traditional/documentary style wedding videos.

Not at this time, but we’ve worked with some great photographers in the past, and would be happy to recommend them to you, if you’d like!

Absolutely! Love has no bounds!

We do not provide RAW footage, for a few reasons:
  • The footage is shot with the final product in mind, and therefore is made up of short clips rather than long ones, so it would not be enjoyable to watch outside of the final highlight film. 
  • The files are huge. A full wedding can be between 35-40GB of footage, which is far too large to try to upload or share with cloud storage. In addition, that’s a lot of files for a client to filter through to find what they’re looking for.
  • The other reason being that, as the provider, Danny Mac Media own the rights to the footage, and by sharing the RAW files, we run the risk of that footage being unknowingly shared with others, which, because it would be unedited, out of context, and not a true portrayal of our work, it could damage the credibility of the company.
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